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Created on 2010-09-09 00:01:11 (#614715), last updated 2010-09-09 (366 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jan 17
Location:Texas, United States of America
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a little about me;
Just a little about me and what you're likely to find in this journal.

First off, my friending policy. I don't really have one. If you friend me, and I don't know you
very well or at all, I will assume that you are here for the fanfiction and occasional recs
and won't friend you back. All of my fiction is unlocked so please feel free to browse. I
have started a master list but it is not quite complete. All of my Remus/Sirius is on the
master list but it is still missing the Hermione/Sirius drabbles and the Hermione/Sirius
chaptered fic.

70% of what I have written is Sirius/Hermione, but that is likely to change as I'm not writing
this pairing anymore. I'm simply no longer inspired by them creatively. If you friended me to
follow my writing for this pairing, please consider defriending me. The other 29% is
Remus/Sirius and the last 1% is a variety of little odds and ends. Someday I'd like to write
James/Lily and maybe even Remus/Tonks. Remus/Sirius is my new fandom obsession and
I will probably posting more of this than anything else.

I avidly read Remus/Sirius, James/Sirius and James/Lily/Sirius.

My fandom activities include moderating at [community profile] rs_career_fest and serving as an editor for
the [info]rs_prophet.

I also write for the Insane Journal Assylum Daily Deviant. My posting dates are on the even
months on the 22nd.
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